We are experts in program evaluation - we pride ourselves on understanding the building blocks of program success.


SWM Consulting Services has been reliably delivering excellent independent evaluation and research services in Alberta since 2001. We are an Edmonton-based leader in project management and in filling external consulting roles effectively.


We conduct careful program and project evaluation that will show you how to strengthen your work and what difference your work makes to the people you serve. 

We carry out useful environmental and jurisdictional scans so you have cutting-edge knowledge about new practices. We also help integrate new information and communicate it in a way that is easy to understand. 

We facilitate meetings and group processes that strengthen communication and build a common understanding. These processes can also build evaluation and research capacity in your organization.

"Sharlene used positive, open communication to ensure that she understood and was responsive to our needs. She was very professional and a real pleasure to work with!"

Dorothy Anderson, Elected Secretary, Metis Settlements General Council