SWM Consulting Services work with you every step of the way to develop relevant questions and come up with useful answers. We do this by filling three gaps that exist in small and large organizations alike.


Not all organizations have staff in-house with evaluation or applied research skills. Other times, in-house staff need support to navigate complex issues. We bring expertise in evaluation and community research methods to your team and add a credible external perspective to your work. We view this as an opportunity for capacity building, so you have the knowledge, skills and experiences to be a fully informed partner in the work.


Don’t have time to do high-quality evaluation or applied research? Evaluation and applied research are not simple tasks that can be done off the side of your desk. This is where we come in, with a dedicate team of experienced subject matter experts tailored to your unique project needs. 


There is tremendous benefit in considering a new way of thinking or sources of evidence that haven’t previously been considered. We offer a fresh perspective, combined with our expertise, to deliver new ideas.